“Before the Owlsight Elements course I was completely ignorant to the fact that every day I incited negative experiences with my family and friends through the evaluations and judgements I made, and the way I communicated, during conversation. This course opened my eyes to the ways of empathetic connection, and the processes behind compassionate and non-violent communication.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience; hiking through the bush, swimming in the natural lakes, and eating camp food underneath the stars are all activities which inspire self-reflection, an important quality when delving into the human psyche. The outdoors is the perfect place to develop your sense of empathy, and Luke did a tremendous job at making the trip a journey in every sense of the word.

The processes and techniques I learnt during the Elements course have become indispensable to me and I am using them to develop happier relationships, which are rewarding on an emotional level to all those involved. I would gladly participate in this course again and would recommend it to anyone.”


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