Key features of our hikes

An Owlsight hike is a unique experience. It's bound to change your life and the way you think about happiness.


By running our courses in the bush, you get a more immersive experience, free from all the distractions of modern life.


You don't need to have any hiking experience or equipment to participate in our programs. All is provided by our expert facilitators.


All of our hikes include a 6 month follow-up period. We understand that transformation doesn't happen overnight and provide 6 months of email support for any issues and queries you have.


When you participate in an Owlsight program, you join an inclusive and vibrant community of likeminded people looking to improve their lives.

100% Guarantee

If you're unhappy with any of the courses we offer, we'll refund your full payment. We think you'll like what we're putting out there, though.

Owlsight combines the best wisdom from Zen, Buddhism, Stoicism, modern psychology, Verbal Judo and Nonviolent Communication into practical steps you can take to improve your life.

By participating in one of our hikes, you’ll practise techniques to live better in an authentic and raw environment.

Meet our team

Meet the instructors and behind the scenes support team that make our hikes possible.
Luke Weatherstone

Luke Weatherstone

Chief Owl

In his former life, Luke was an engineer. He founded Owlsight to help bring a bit of wisdom and compassion into people's lives. On the weekend you can find him playing baseball or trying to swim.


Here's what others are saying about our hikes.


Business Owner

"Luke is an exceptional presenter and it is evident that he is very compassionate about what he is doing and what he wants to teach others. Learning about communication with Luke is highly recommended, it will have both professional and personal benefits!"



"It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience; hiking through the bush, swimming in the natural lakes, and eating camp food underneath the stars are all activities which inspire self-reflection, an important quality when delving into the human psyche. The outdoors is the perfect place to develop your sense of empathy, and Luke did a tremendous job at making the trip a journey in every sense of the word."


Construction Industry

"The Owlsight courses are a definite must do if you're the slight bit interested in adventure and the sense of challenging oneself. Not only are you in the great outdoors, you're also engaged with the content, the group setting, and activities which encourage individuals to think outside the box when it comes to communication. The lessons learned are meant for the real world if you're willing to give it a go, so go ahead and make your life a little better (and Luke's an excellent leader)."



"I really wish I had learned this earlier. There are so many advantages to compassionate communication. This course has provided me with information that will strengthen my relationships with others and will help me communicate more effectively. It's taught me of self empathy which will help me deal with my own frustration and guilt. I would definitely recommend this very practical course."


CNC Engineer

"It was an amazing experience with very eye-opening content in regards to the way many of us communicate in our daily lives and how that often greatly contributes to the everyday problems many of us face. With the techniques taught by Luke, I was able to see conflicts from different angles and approach them in different ways without me being all upset and frustrated but rather objective and calm which led to a good conversation and to a peaceful solution for the problem at hand."



"With today's hectic lifestyles where things and people, especially their points of view can be so easily dismissed Luke mirrors to us how with just a bit of compassion and effort to understand the other we can live more easily and openly with others using his taught methods."

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