Hi, my name is Luke Weatherstone and I’m the creator of Owlsight. Let me share a little of my story with you.

Once upon a time, I followed a well-walked path. I moved through the school system, and upon graduating, immediately took up an engineering and physics degree at the tender age of 17. Here, I immersed myself in the world of mathematics and science, working as an engineer for four years and studying for six.


With a full-time job in the works upon my graduation from university, I was ready to continue along the path set before me.

It was here that I stopped to ask myself: “Does this work and lifestyle align with what’s most important to me?” The answer: “Not really. I think I can do better.” I wanted to craft a life in line with my values, with a positive contribution to my community.

I looked at what skills I had to offer and found some of them meshed quite nicely: my love with the outdoors and survival; study of compassionate communication; and service experience as a volunteer medic. I could use these skills and experiences to educate and guide others to their own conclusions and greater awareness.

This hasn’t always been my philosophy, though. As a kid and teenager I was much more arrogant, self-aggrandising and hostile to those around me. I had a profound sense of entitlement, thinking the world “owed me something”. My relationships suffered, and I had few meaningful connections with others, instead finding meaning in academic success. It took a traumatic family experience to realise the discomfort this approach to life caused others and myself.

During my late teens and early twenties, I read voraciously; consuming books on Buddhism, Zen, business success, self help, personal development, psychology, habits, statistics, masculinity, farming, civilisation and society. I began to see my service to the community as a volunteer medic in a new light and improved my health, both physically and mentally, through the practice of Krav Maga. I’ve completed outdoor education courses, travelled and taught hundreds – adults and children alike.

It’s now my mission to be your guide to improve your relationships and interactions with other people.

You can also check out what I’m doing now.