“One of the most powerful experiences I’ve had was a 30-day trek through the wilderness of the Kosciuszko National Park in Australia with 23 other strangers. The isolation of the environment made us reliant on each other, showing our vulnerabilities and requiring us to work on communication skills. If something was awkward or uncomfortable, we couldn’t turn to our smart phones or leave – we had to stick it out and confront the reality of how we were feeling.

The potential of the wilderness as an environment for personal development spoke to me and inspired me to create my own intimate and transformational experience: the Owlsight Compassionate Day Hike.

Spending those 30-days in and around the Kosciuszko National Park showed me that when a group of people come together, willing to be vulnerable and share themselves with each other, great things can happen.”

Luke. Owlsight Founder.

We usually limit the hike to 12 spots to keep things personal.

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What this hike is about

It’s an easy one-day hike that focuses on:

  • how to observe behaviours without evaluating other people;
  • reconnecting with our feelings and expressing them;
  • taking responsibility for our actions and emotions; and
  • the power of empathy and how to give it to others and ourselves.

By practising these compassionate communication strategies, we’ll help you gain the tools to strengthen your current relationships and grow new ones.

We will utilise some role-playing scenarios and use real-world examples to build your skills. Being vulnerable, and trusting you won’t be made a fool of, is a big part of the lessons.

We’re very excited to have you join us in some of our favourite natural escapes to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and textures of the bush, and connect with the empathy and compassion skills that will radically improve your life.

The power of a hike

Why go out into the woods for a whole day? In our busy lives, we get caught up in running errands, checking social media and working. We don’t get as much time to pause and focus on one thing intentionally.

From our experience, the bush is a great place to do this. You’re far from the distractions and responsibilities of modern life – including phone reception.

By signing up for this hike, you’re saying that it’s important for you to take time out to think a little differently about communication. You’re saying that you want to learn something new to improve not only your own life but the lives of those around you.

Change your life

Many of us feel frustrated, discontent or perhaps unsatisfied with the interactions we have with people around us. We fall into old habits of blaming others for how we feel, diagnosing problems to try and find a logical course of action, and evaluating and criticising behaviours and people.

These old habits are our way of trying to get what we need, but often they make it more difficult. Fundamentally we all need the same things for a happy and healthy life.

These habits make it difficult to:

  • tell someone how we’re really feeling;
  • express just how much a small act of kindness was appreciated; and
  • accept responsibility for our own actions and feelings.

Price of the hike

The price of the hike is $100.

The hike includes:

  • activities (workshops, exercises and role-playing); and
  • learning resources (booklets, handouts and charts).

It does not include meals or travel.

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Q: Who is this hike for?
A: It’s for someone willing to take a full-day to kick-start some key life changes. It’s for someone who has been struggling with certain relationships and is open to practising compassion and empathy. This is for someone who is willing to question old habits and maintain an open mind to better themselves.

Q: I just bought a spot, now what?
A: We’ll be sending you an email with some information shortly. Please download and read it. We’ll also be sending you a few more emails over the next few weeks. Please read and reply to these when relevant.

Q: What do I need for this hike?
A: Food and water for the day and a backpack to carry it in. Comfortable and durable clothing for the hike. Sunscreen is recommended. An open mind and willingness to change and be flexible.

Q: What are the start and finish times for the hike?
A: We’ll be meeting up to start at 8:30am and returning for departure by 5:30pm.

Q: Who will be facilitating the hike?
A: The hike will be facilitated by Luke Weatherstone. Luke has been teaching and practising compassionate communication for 5 years, and is an experienced outdoorsman. You can read more about him and his story here.

Q: I can’t make this one, are there any more?
A: Check out the upcoming hikes and see if you can attend any. If not, become an Owlsight member by lending us your email address. This will entitle you to early-bird pricing, too. Additionally, you can shoot us an email at hello@owlsight.org.