Tomorrow marks the start of Owlsight’s first education “course”. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be enjoying the weekend with some great people and sharing what I know about nonviolent communication, empathy and compassion.

There are quite a few reasons for the course this weekend. Perhaps most importantly, it’s a “just get out and do it” approach. Instead of sitting on my butt for weeks and months on end planning the perfect retreat and experience for participants (as I have been guilty of doing many times in the past), I picked a date and am now running with it.

The goal by Sunday afternoon is for everyone to have a basic understanding and appreciation of empathic communication through participation in a range of activities and an enjoyable shared group experience.

Empathic and compassionate communication like NVC is a topic I think is crucially important for much larger issues than ourselves. We’re constantly beset by fears of rising temperatures; destruction of the oceans and biodiversity; too many people to feed; and a myriad of other concerns. Changing the way we communicate with each other and in turn our collective cultural story, I believe we can work to better address these seemingly insurmountable challenges. Some say it would take a “miracle” to solve these problems.

As Charles Eisenstein says: “A miracle is something that is impossible from one’s current understanding of reality and truth, but that becomes possible from a new understanding.”

Through courses like the ones I’m constructing, part of the motivation is shifting toward that new understanding of reality.

This first course is a trial and only open to my family and friends. There are 12 of us heading out tomorrow and I’m very keen to see how everyone receives the content, getting my feet wet with both experience and the lovely water of Lake Eckersley!



Photo is of South Australia’s Health and Medical Institute, dubbed “The Big Pineapple”

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