Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on something I’m pretty excited about. Compassionate communication has the potential for dramatic improvements in many aspects of our lives. It refreshes and renews our communication style and naturally this flows into pretty much everything that we do.

Dealing with all parts of your life at once can seem quite overwhelming though. “Compassionate communication will help me with my work, family, partner, kids, friends and strangers I encounter on the street? How do I even begin?”

Naturally, in each aspect of our lives we have different relationship priorities or goals. What I want out of a relationship with a client is quite different to what I want out of a relationship with my brother. Compassionate communication and empathy can help us in both these areas, but with a different emphasis.

That’s why over the past few weeks I’ve been working on an eBook which focuses on a particular application of compassionate communication. Namely, compassionate communication in intimate relationships.

Our significant other is one of the most important people in our lives. Could that relationship be more compassionate?

I’ve written a few sections and prepared the skeleton of the document. It’s going to contain exercises you can do with your partner to increase the flow of happiness between you; generic information and practice of compassionate communication; common problems and potential solutions; as well as odds and ends about topics such as “When to end a relationship.”

Before I continue down this path, I want to make sure there’s a genuine interest and desire for a book like the one I’m writing.

As a result, I’m setting a criteria.

If what I’ve just said sounds like something you’d read and gain value from, express your interest by leaving your name and email address through the form below. When the list cracks 100 people, I’ll be happy with the interest and continue developing the eBook. Not until then though.

Add me to the list

In addition, if you put your name on the list, you’ll get the eBook for free once it’s complete. Think of it as a reward for putting your faith in me. I most definitely appreciate it.

I’m itching to start work on it, so you can help me get up to 100 people by sharing this post (buttons nearby) and the link to the list.



Photo is from the top of Cradle Mountain in Tasmania.

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