Course Stories

The Elements Course, Part 1

Lately I've been thinking a lot about how I'm going to structure and deliver the next compassionate communication course. In my mind, I had put the inaugural one at the end of January behind me. I then had a conversation with Chris Agnos of Sustainable Human, a guy I really respect and look up to, who mentioned I might want to make an effort to describe the experience a little more than the lip-service I've given it in previous posts. (more…)

By Luke Weatherstone, ago

Photos and Honest Immersion

As a regular reader, you might know that I hosted my first compassionate communication course last weekend. A bunch of friends and I went out into the Heathcote National Park and spent a couple of days doing activities to reconnect with our compassionate roots and relaxing in the local rock pools. (more…)

By Luke Weatherstone, ago