Owlsight is about helping humans to rediscover their compassionate roots and connect with others.


Do you want to have experiences, and learn skills which will make you more resilient, likeable and content?

That’s exactly what we’re about here at Owlsight. We believe there’s an enormous capacity for good out there and you want to make a difference in something. Sure, many of us would like to change the world, but changing ourselves (and the lives of those around us) can have an impact just as big.

Relating to others and communication is a fundamental part of life. With Owlsight you’ll learn, reassess, refresh and expand on these skills through practical experiences in an environment away from metropolitan life.

We believe there is a way to address a lack of meaning, love and community in life, without moving to the mountains and becoming a Tibetan monk.


What can Owlsight help you with?

We want to provide you with a set of tools and framework for approaching life and relating to others. This is different for everyone, and we’ll give you ample opportunities to put these tools to use and learn from your experiences.

Owlsight can help you…

  • live intentionally and make more conscious decisions
  • create deep, positive relationships with loved ones
  • practice emotional resilience and becoming less upset by the actions of others
  • realise your passion and create a map for making this passion a reality
  • form genuine, strong relations with clients and co-workers

We promise that we’ll be upfront, honest and transparent with you. We’ll never sell you on false promises or opportunity schemes.

It’s up to you

We’re only going to guide you through the process, giving you tools and opportunities to apply them. You have to do the work though. Don’t worry, we’ll be there for you throughout the entire journey.